EITR at gapplegate music blog

June 25th, 2014 Comments Off on EITR at gapplegate music blog

The nexus between new music and avant improvisation conjoins and comes at us vibrantly on the LP release by EITR,Trees Have Cancer Too (Mazagran, Trem Azul 006). […] They give us nearly 40 minutes of soundscaping that is at times noisy, always eventful and with a kind of avant narrative structure that poeticizes and gives us an unworded story line for our ears. […] It is an original set of sounds well-paced. You have to hear it to get into its anatomy/structure, really. Words don’t do it justice. The whole thing is quite out there and quite good. Thank you again, oh Portuguese music-makers. Here’s another goodie. (Gapplegate Music Blog)

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